About us

We offer construction machinery, cars, trucks and much more assortment for our customers around the world. As a company which have well knowledge about customers' needs we provide only top quality equipment with checked mileages, condition etc.

Why work with us?

  • we are reliable company with a lot of satisfied customers both in Poland and around the world (fuel and construction machinery trading)
  • we have nothing to hide - as it mentioned, we provide only checked machinery
  • we are open to conversations and negotiations with our customers - a conversation is a key to successful trading
  • we have wide assortment in our offer - a lot of types of machines available immediately

Check our offer and contact us if you want to know more about machines we sell.

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We have been operating in the fuel industry for almost 30 years. From the beginning our priority is top quality of our services and customers' satisfaction.

Our main industry is wholesale and retail sale of liquid fuels. We sell our products and services by couple of distribution channels, among others: wholesale with delivery to client and retail sale on over 30 gas stations in Poland.

From the beginning we deal with fuels and oils (in wholesale and retail sale): diesel, petrol, engine oils, gear oils, industrial oils, lubricants, liquids, filters and automotive chemistry. We have our own fuel base, wholesale warehouse of oils, liquids and cosmetics as well as food storage.

Fuel industry is our main trade in Poland.

Do gory.